Structure and Navigation

The site is built with full-page frames with large images and creative designs. Information on the home page and top-level pages is limited to single-topic, short paragraphs. Public-facing pages is given priority position, while pages for staff and more specialized readers is a little more submerged.

Front Page

Main Menu

Main navigation (in the white bar with the CIAA logo) is simple. The only top-level menu items are Home, About, and Reports. If a CIAA-registered user is logged in, they will also see a Resources menu.

Main Menu

Utility Menu

The Utility Menu (top blue bar) contains links that allow users to jump right to pages of high interest regardless of how they’re organized in the site. These include the events calendar, employment page, and the CIAA user log in.


Responsive Design

The website uses “responsive design” principles. This means it will change its layout based on the width of the user’s screen. Text is always optimized for readability on cell phones and tablets. Menus collapse into buttons. Features that only work well on one kind of device can be turned off for others.

Responsive Design

Roles and Permissions

Parts of the website are either not visible or inaccessible to people who do not have a user account. When registered users are logged in, they can see the full menu and will be able to see secure content on pages. Site administrators can set up “roles” based on staff or board responsibilities that grant specific access to pages or back end tools. For instance, a “Calendar Editor” can be granted access to create and edit event listings.