User access is assigned as Roles, which contain a detailed set of dozens of Permissions. These permission sets give those roles access to create, edit, or otherwise manage various core WordPress functions and plugins. User access gives site administrators the ability to limit users to site functions they are specifically assigned to manage. It also allows users to focus only on the set of functions they are responsible for without being confused by the full feature set of WordPress.

Only users with the Administrator role can edit Roles and Permissions.

Create a New Role

Go to Users > Roles to create a new set of permissions to manage site functions.

Editing Permissions

Each role contains a set of permissions related to core WordPress functions and those of its plugins.

  1. Carefully grant permissions for each set of functions.
  2. Deny access to specifically restrict access. If these functions are selected, the Role will not be able to access them even if a user is assigned another role that grants access.
  3. Make sure users are assigned the Staff or Board role, even if they are granted additional roles.
  4. Test access by assigning various roles the Test User account.
Editing Forms