Parts of the Site

The CIAA website also features a set of WordPress extensions called “plugins” which customize site functions to meet the needs of the organizations. Some of the plugins handle behind-the-scenes operations that are only visible to site administrators. Others are vital parts of content management, such as the calendar, forms, and documents.

If your job includes website content management, please familiarize yourself with the plugins you will typically be using.

Gravity Forms

Much of the content on the CIAA website is managed using a system called Gravity Forms—including data reports, document uploads, the staff directory and other items.

The most common Gravity Form on the site is the set of contact forms at the bottom of each page. From here, users can send a message to CIAA, book a room, schedule a hatchery tour, or arrange for a visit to a local classroom.

You can also manage content that has already been entered by using the backend of the website. You can see a complete list of entry forms at ciaanet.org/forms.

Gravity Forms triggers a series of notification messages whenever a form is submitted. These can go to any combination of the following: the site administrator, any email that appears in the form, and/or any specific other email.

If your role allows form editing, please go to that tutorial for more information. If it does not, please notify Lisa Kai’aihue if you receive a form notification in error.

Contact Form

Gravity Views

Gravity Views is a plugin that displays form entries in various formats that include spreadsheets, directories, lists, and maps.

While you won’t typically be creating or editing Views, you will have access to a function called “Inline Editing.” Once you have logged into your user account, Inline Editing allows you to make changes to text displayed in Views without having to access the backend of the site.

Gravity View

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is the hub of CIAA activities on the website. Calendar managers enter events in the backend which display as timespans on the Calendar page. Event lists can also be displayed by category in sidebars or other parts of the site.

Events are assigned venues, organizers, and recurrence rules to save time with content entry. A venue is any event location managed by CIAA and is assigned an address, contact information, and a map location. An organizer is the contact person for the event. Organizer information is saved separately to be reused for future entries. Recurrence rules allow events to be entered in bulk for listing daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Recurring events can be excluded from certain dates.

Event Display