Logging Data

Enter data into the website Gravity Forms system by using one of the front-end form systems. Public users can also submit questions, book rooms, apply for jobs, and other actions using front-facing forms. See a complete list of entry forms at ciaanet.org/forms and manage content that has already been entered by using the backend of the website.

Entering Form Data

Entering form data is similar to filling out any common web form. Just fill in information in the form and press submit to publish the information to the site. Some forms do not display on the site unless they have been approved. If you don’t see information displayed right away, check the form entries to make sure the green approval icon is active. (See next step.)

Remember that each form field represents one column of a spreadsheet, and each form entry represents one row of the spreadsheet.

Enumerations Form

Editing Entries

Edit form contents after it’s been entered by logging into the site and going to this URL. Choose the form you need to work with by using the chevron icon next to the form name at the top left. Edit entries using the Toggle Inline Edit function or click on the name of any entry to work with the form data. Use the Gear icon at the top right of the entries list to change field order or visibility.

Sorting and Filtering Fields

Forms have a lot of fields that you may not need to see in your entry list. Use the gear icon to open an overlay where you can change the order or visibility of each field. Remember, these settings are stored in your own browser and do not affect what other users see.