Adding and Editing Users

WordPress user accounts give CIAA staff, board members, and other community partners access to restricted areas of the site. CIAA staff also have access to different parts of the backend administration screens for content management purposes. Each user account is assigned a role that allows access to be customized according to staff duties. For instance, staff members can see and edit form entries and their own user profile, but they do not have access to the rest of the site. Calendar editors can see what staff members see, but they can also add and edit calendar events, venues, and organizers. Other custom roles can be created as need arises.

Only staff members with the Editor role can add or edit users, roles, and permissions.

Add New User

  1. Log into and navigate to the Dashboard.
  2. Choose Add New from the Users sidebar menu.
  3. Add a user name. Generally this is the first initial and last name of the new user. Once you choose a user name, you can’t change it. You can only delete the user account and add a new one.
  4. Add the user’s email address, and first and last names.
  5. Add a password. You can use WordPress’s secure password generator or create your own. WordPress does not allow you to assign password the system verifies as “Weak.”
  6. You may check “Send the new user an email about their account” to send the new user an email inviting them to change their password.
  7. Assign roles to the user. New users are Subscribers by default, but you can also make them Staff, Board, Calendar Editor, or Editor.
Add User

Editing User Profiles

Once User profiles have been created, users will be able to edit their profile. There are a series of social media, internet account, and profile image fields that can be safely ignored. Staff photos are handled by Gravity Forms rather than WordPress user fields, so this feature can be safely ignored as well.

Users will be able to customize their Dashboard color scheme as well as choose whether or not the WordPress admin toolbar appears at the top of frontend pages. Users can also reset their passwords.

Add User