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Seven ways to get your board petition signatures

With CIAA board petition forms due November 18, you need to work on collecting the required 20 permit holders signatures. Here are some creative ways to get it done.

by | November 10, 2022

CIAA board petitions forms are due November 18 for the organization’s Inlet Wide board member election. Adobe Stock

The Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is seeking nominees for two vacant Inlet Wide board seats. Included in this process is a nominating petition form that must have at least 20 signatures from Cook Inlet area commercial salmon fishery permit holders. These forms are due at CIAA headquarters by November 18.

If you’ve already got your signatures together, yay you! You’re already ahead of the game. If you still have to collect those names, you only have a few days left. To help you out, we’ve put together seven ways you can get the signatures you need in a hurry.

1. Family reunions

Do you come from a big fishing family? Is your mom or dad a permit holder, or do you have brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, or cousins who also own permits? It may be a good time to plan an impromptu potluck dinner where you can all catch up on old times and sign each other’s board petitions.

2. Fishing associations

If you are a member of a fishing association, you have a built-in network of permit holders that you can tap into for signatures. For example, you can stop by the United Cook Inlet Drift Association’s office on Kalifornsky Beach Road, where you can usually find a permit holder working on salmon issues. And, you can say hi to their amazing office manager, Audrey, while you’re there!

3. Churches, clubs, and social groups

You may already have connections with other permit holders through your church. You may hang out with them at the shooting range or sit on committees with other commercial fishermen, like one of the many Southcentral Region Fish and Game Advisory Committees

4. Visit the Kachemak Gear Shed

We all know where to find permit holders during the off season. Bring your petition with you next time you head to the back room for some coffee and storytelling. It’ll be a quick way to gather all the signatures needed on your board petition. If you know of other popular hangouts, be sure to hit them up too.

5. Visit coffee shops

If you are in the Kenai/Soldotna area, you can probably find a few commercial fishermen holding court at the big round table every morning drinking coffee at Louies. Or in Homer, you could try the Duncan House or Captain’s Coffee Roasting Company. 

6. Have a beer

In the Kenai/Soldotna area, the Vagabond Inn has been known to be frequented by a commercial fisherman or two. Enjoy a cold beer while seeking out those signatures.  

7. Go door to door

Although trick-or-treating was a few weeks ago there is nothing wrong with knocking on doors of current permit holders to garner your signatures for the board petition. Hey, maybe those who are home will also have some leftover Halloween candy for your effort. It never hurts to ask!

Get the Forms

If you are currently an Area H Salmon permit holder, then please consider applying for one of the two vacant Inlet Wide Commercial Fishermen seats.

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