Policies and Procedures

Room Use Policy for CIAA Headquarters

Facilities Available

Assembly Area – a 1,950 square foot meeting room occupying most of the basement portion of the building. Capacity is 49 people. Equipment includes a projection screen, projector, PA system, two video monitors, a lectern, tables, and chairs.

The remainder of the building includes office, shop/garage, warehouse and laboratory facilities, which are only available for use by CIAA.


Facility Use

Use of the available facilities must not interfere with CIAA’s use of the building or interfere in any other way with CIAA activities.

Available facilities may be used for meetings free of charge by those nonprofit organizations and government bodies, which are involved with the enhancement, protection, regulation, or use of Cook Inlet natural resources or by those nonprofit organizations and government bodies that provide a free service to the local community. CIAA staff may use the available facilities for any nonprofit activities they are
actively participating in.

Use of the available facilities by individuals and profit-making organizations not providing a direct service to CIAA or Cook Inlet fishermen is prohibited.

Smoking in all CIAA facilities and the consumption of alcohol on the premises is prohibited.



Reservations shall be accepted on a “first come – first served” basis and must be approved by CIAA.

Groups that use the available facilities are expected to return the tables and chairs to their original location, collect and remove any debris generated, and vacuum the carpeted areas immediately after their function concludes.

Use of a CIAA facility by a qualifying organization does not constitute endorsement of the organization or
its position by CIAA. CIAA reserves the right to deny or limit the use of its facilities if activities attendant
to their use are deemed by the Executive Director or his designee to be unsuitable for the facility.