To supplement existing salmon stocks, CIAA releases salmon fry or smolts to various locations throughout the Cook Inlet drainage.  Additionally, CIAA has built up several terminal fishery locations in Lower Cook Inlet.  Terminal fisheries occur when salmon are released to a lake with a migraional barrier such as a waterfall. 

Depending on the location, fry and smolts are transported and released in several ways; from transport truck to boat to float plane. During lake stocking, fry or smolts are released directly to the lake. However, fry that will be released to creeks or streams are often held in oxygenated tanks, fed with creek water. This method of imprinting assures, with some certainty, that the resultant adult salmon from these fry will return to the creek or stream of the release.

 Release Collage

Kirschner Lake with a barrier waterfall                                                             Resurrection Bay sockeye salmon release

At present CIAA releases sockeye salmon fry to Hidden Lake, Bear Lake, Leisure Lake, Hazel Lake, and Kirshner Lake. Sockeye salmon smolt are released to Resurrection Bay and Tutka Bay Lagoon. Coho salmon fry and smolts are released to Bear Lake. Pink salmon fry are released to Tutka Bay and Port Graham Bay.