Located near Moose Pass, Trail Lakes Hatchery is operated by Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association and is owned by the State of Alaska. The facility was constructed in 1982 and operated by the State of Alaska until we took over operations in 1988. The primary production is sockeye salmon along with a lesser amount of coho salmon.

Trail Lakes Hatchery operates as a rearing facility only. No returns or releases occur directly at the hatchery itself but occur at other locations. Trail Lakes Hatchery is permitted by the State of Alaska to incubate 30 million sockeye, 6 million coho, and 4 million Chinook salmon eggs (no Chinook are currently raised on site). The salmon reared at this hatchery are transferred to other release sites within the Cook Inlet watershed, including Bear Lake, Bear Creek, Resurrection Bay, Hidden Lake, Leisure Lake, Hazel Lake, Kirschner Lake, and Tutka Bay. Annual returns from stocking are expected to be about 400,000 sockeye and 10,000 coho salmon.

Visitors are welcome at Trail Lakes Hatchery. Guided tours can be arranged in advance by contacting us. When visiting the hatchery as part of a tour or on your own, please note the following:

  • There is a self-guided visitor’s center that you are welcome to explore on your own.
  • Do not enter into buildings or work areas unless accompanied by one of our staff members.

TLH Collage

Top left: Trail Lakes Hatchery

Top middle: Trail Lakes Hatchery staff weighing sockeye salmon smolt

Top right: Net pens in Resurrection Bay

Bottom: Salmon eggs in Trail Lakes Hatchery